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I’ve been laying low, staying cool, while Ann and Paul have been away at an Airstream gathering out west (I’ll wait for their details), and while we have a pile of pieces to put the Airstream back together, we’ve definitely been busy on the home front. If it wasn’t a temporarily defunct home central A/C, it was something else.

I did have time to get the wheel wells fabricated by the guys at Able Sheet Metal north of Denton, and I did load all the steel for the outriggers and bring it back to the new shop here in Denton. Oh yes, there’s a new locale for Leslie’s Cimarrona manufacturing along with a palatial new spread for our steel and wood working tools. The shop 1200 square feet of gloriously air conditioned comfort, will get its first steel work when I taper the 11 gauge steel C channels for the frame’s outriggers this week. That curved taper is what enables a smooth wrap on the bottom of the trailer, and as it turns out, every single one will be replaced.

As significant as that is, the outriggers, frame pieces outside the frame that provide strength to the edges of the Airstream, are all the same length, and the taper is the same for every one as well. What a relief that is. Paul and I cut off the ends of left and right outriggers so I can simply follow the angle with my plasma cutter and get a good clean cut.

The replacing of the outriggers along with every single cross member with 11 gauge C channel cold steel adds significant strength and stability to the frame, a wider top to that channel that allows us to stagger the bolts that will hold the decking down. Looming at the rear of the frame is a clean cut off of the frame and replacement with a boxed end to the rear frame / cross rails.

While I am deep into the manual labor of deconstruction-construction, Leslie is looking intently at Airstream layouts for inspiration in her soon to come remodel/rebuild of the interior. The changes are significant, and a radical departure from the original layout. Like Wally dictated, we consider ourselves to be making improvements – radical improvements. Reminder – I am the heavy (beast) worker, while she is the beauty (fung shue / design / layout / soft stuff) rebuilder. And I can’t wait to turn Tilley over to her!



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