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1970 Airstream Safari '23 Full Monty
There are many images leading up to the Full Monty, and they will help you see what all goes into doing your own Full Monty moon shot if you have the Right Stuff.

So, yes I am an Apollo kid. I was a geek who sat out front at night with binoculars to see if I could see the astronauts walking on the moon.

Sometimes, for those of us who are not astronauts, our moonshots are much more earthly. Doing the Full Monty on our Airstream is as close as I have come to the process of building a space ship. Of course, we are unbuilding it now, and that makes the future as daunting as today, and probably more so.

There are several photographs showing the process, and I will try and create a show of some sort to bring all the images of the Full Monty together.

Paul Mayeux of A&P Vintage Trailer in Cottondale, Texas, is the indisputable head of mission control, and without his guidance, we would never have been able to walk on our new moon. Skills are one thing, knowledge another.

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