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2017 Airstream Diary Now and Then

So who are we? Well, I am a professional writer, photographer, fly fishing guide, website builder, weldor, Airstream laborer, professional driver, cancer beater and just a guy looking for a way to get through the rest of life while maintaining a certain level of living for my wife, now retired from teaching and working hard on her business I can’t believe how hard a simple life has become, and wouldn’t wish the last two years on my worst enemy. I have just enough mechanical ability to have believed I could do this job, which became a labor of love – years of hours ago.

working on the airstream safari roof

Leslie is the rock, the woman with all the power tools I don’t have, and a great Mom and the person who got me through the medical crisis of 2015-16. I don’t owe her much – just everything. She can speak for herself quite eloquently, but right now she’s squeezing a tube of Sika-Flex to death on our Airstream. She has the touch when it comes to the finer things. I am the “heavy lifter” in the Airstream family. Although she made some fantastic skin patches for our Airstream. Her hat business is going strong now, coast-to-coast wholesaling and has built a new studio and back yard to go with it. This is all for the sake of her art and creative hat business found at I keep trying to talk her into taking her hat show on the road in the Airstream – and hitting the cold spots her hats would sell. We are in TEXAS by the way!

I kept this site simmering in the background through seven years now, so it’s up to you the readers to determine just how this site “gets cooked” from here. I would be glad to see you  enjoy and anticipate our adventures, ask questions – technical, social and otherwise.

I am obviously willing to put the time and effort into this website adventure. I would like nothing more than to earn a little coin while writing about our Airstream, and Airstream adventures as they happen. About the only thing I can see clearly in the future is – being somewhere, anywhere else in our Airstream. I do plan on using Tilley as “Mission Base” for fly fishing and fly guiding in places distant.

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