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The Final Push – Full Monty Here We Come

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Full Monty on a 1970 Airstream Safari 23
Inside the danger zone of a soon to be floating twinkie, suspended to pull out the frame from underneath, box the back of the frame (with steel replacement for rusted cross beam), new suspension, new marine grade decking, and who knows what else

There are two more slivers of silver skin inside the Safari, and they are just there because they are in front of several obstacles, including a fuse box, and the hot water heater. I am firmly convinced that anyone who knows anything about Airstreams either can’t find, or isn’t looking for anyone like me, who knows just enough to get himself into a world of hurt.

Airstream Safari Full Monty
A few skins sit in the front yard, waiting for their storage destination.

We have deadlines in place for the Airstream Safari ’23, and they’re firm. It’s really difficult to realize after all these years, that it’s so close to the build back and the takedown could be done in a matter of a few eight hour days. It will be done this year, or scrapped for aluminum … hmm, where is aluminum now? Seriously, I would have to be a “maroon” as Buggs Bunny says, to let the opportunity of a fly fishing escape module get away like this. It isn’t going to happen – just watch.

Of course, since I am unable to locate anything as far as detailed instruction on how to separate the top from the floor / chassis, I guess it’s up to me to lead the free world in documenting what may end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos. If anyone wants to be a part of an award winning video, and knows anything about the Full Monty, I am all ears. I have definitely crossed the rubicon of fear, pain and injury. It’s expected. There are a lot worse things that could happen, like a perfect build-back, and then an electrical short burns it to the ground. Hence, my meticulous documentation of the wiring.

Keep your eyes on this site as well as on, where this saga will be bleeding over into printed word there as well.

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