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For any of you searching for Airstream Trailer information, I hope you find this site, bookmark it, and watch as it begins to take shape. The reasons this site exists are:

  1. To gather useful information about Airstream Trailers for myself
  2. To publish that information so that others will not have to learn things the hard way
  3. Provide a clear concise source for the outflow of information that will help you with your Airstream
  4. To document the life of our 1970 Airstream Safari – This truly is an “Airstream Diary” more than owners diary
  5. To bring a more “youthful” attitude to information and content about Airstreams
  6. There’s going to be a lot of “How To’s” on this site, from the smallest rivet to replacing axles, and full remodels

My original frustration with doing what’s called “The Full Monty” to our 1970 Airstream Safari 23 led to this site, after I could not find any current information via google as it pertains to the radical procedure – the Full Monty. I was finding scattered convoluted information in forums, like the Airstream forum, but

I welcome your participation, and appreciate any information you can provide. I’ll be needing all the help I can get!



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