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A Look at the Texas Fly Fishing Report and Inside the Airstream

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airstream trailers restoration rebuilding fly fishing GoPro video

My fellow fly fishing Airstreamers will enjoy more of this than the Airstreamer Nation, but watch a little and check out the GoPro shot inside the Airstream. Not as bad as it looks really, although the weather has shut the operation down again.

Video of Redressing of Airstream Safari

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Here’s the video I shot of the shell going back onto the frame. I was using a new GoPro camera, and they are quite finicky cameras. This time, it froze up before the process was complete, but you can see kind of how things work during this process. It was complicated a little by the wind, but basically other than a few screws in the C channel that had to be removed before dropping the shell on, it was a clean drop. The audio is from the internal speaker, which is encased in a waterproof case. That equals bad sound, but since the video was corrupted, I didn’t even bother to do a voice over. As soon as the Airstream videos get better, I am sure I won’t be able to resist hearing myself on a voiceover.



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