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Dear Wally,

First, it’s too cold. Then it’s too hot, and now it’s raining cats-and-dogs here in North Texas. Wally, where is the perfect Airstream repair weather anyway? If the conditions are too good and it’s close to fishy water, then I have a problem.

The Land Cruiser is demanding a lot of work right now – replacing Old Man Emu (OME) shocks all the way around at 400. and of course my labor. Then, time for new front calipers – loaded – and turning rotors. I will bleed those lines as usual, but this time limp into a qualified brake repair shop to have them proportioned with the rear discs I installed a bunch of years back. Eventually if I don’t sell her, another 350 Chevy TBI goes under the hood – crate engine instead of rebuild. Wondering if a 1984 Toyota FJ 60 could make a tow vehicle. Would have to add full floating rear axle. If I were going this route, would go for the 42 gallon auxiliary tank, removing cancer (rust) and new color – from smurf blue to white. Last, but not least – bankruptcy.

A friend stopped in with a 2009 Ford Van the other day, and it is one sweet ride. Vans seem like such logical towing vehicles for trailers.



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