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Black Grey Marmoleum and Coin

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The pieces are coming in fast and furious now! The sheet Marmoleum has arrived at Green Living in Dallas, and UPS just left the second of two tanks on our front porch, meaning we have the black and grey water tanks on hand and ready to go. The “Coin” I’m referring to is this click together garage flooring that will go in the hidden floorspace under the bed at the back of the Airstream. It came from Garage Flooring, Inc., and seems like the perfect material for where it goes.

I’ve had a sample of this stuff sitting on the floor in my fly shop for awhile, and it is holding up quite well. The sheet version of this has two distinct drawbacks; 1) color choices are limited, and 2) it only comes in large rolls. The fact it’s for garage floors means it’s plenty tough, and I picked white so we could have some reflectivity as light bounces around in the large cavity under the bed (enabling me to locate that woolly bugger that worked so well).

More epoxy added before sanding level
This one is a redo. I added more epoxy to bring above flush with decking, and then sanded with belt sander. Will make a photograph of the sanded area when we are out there this weekend.

A couple of days ago I belt sanded the remaining epoxy mounds that I had made over the first ones – the critical thing being to fill those that had cupped (concave), and then bring them back to flush with the overall floor. My belt sander skills were non existent, but I managed to get it done.

Extra shim to prevent possible issues
This is the only spot where the seam between sheets of marine grade did not reach out over an outrigger. I put some plywood underneath and screwed it in – just in case weight finds itself on one of these edges.

I also shimmed a couple of edges between sheets of plywood where the joints did not fall on an outrigger – by taking a leftover piece of plywood, putting a bead of calk on it and slapping it up underneath the joint. Wood screws pulled it all together tight and flush on top. It’s an area that will never show, but could take weight at just the wrong place and cause problems issues.

If you have never done anything with epoxy, it’s not nearly the intense mess I remember it being from my childhood experience. Let me know if you want more information on what we used and how it is mixed.

Time to Try a New Media Slideshow

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Airstream Full Monty – photography of how to do a Full Monty on an Airstream trailer. Click on an image, and then use the > and < arrows to advance through the images. Looks pretty good actually. It’s the first integrated slideshow for wordpress.



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