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We are hitched up and out in front of the house now. It has been the longest journey that never left, and now threatens to peak over the walls of fantasy and have a long look at reality.

It’s about forty-three miles to A&P Vintage, and we will be running a gauntlet of traffic that, with luck, will have no DPS cars or small town PD’s looking for an easy ticket. No lights – check. No current license plate sticker – check. No anti-sway. Hey, Tilley has been a driveway princess until tomorrow. After tomorrow, everything changes … and gets into the realm of “expense.”

I find it hard to imagine how many places we would have already been IF the economy of the past decade hadn’t beaten me to a pulp of my former self. It’s not like it is any better for my business now, but when faced with the “fix it, or forget it” ultimatum … well I have to try to get this done just to salvage the hours I already put in it. Sounds like a relationship doesn’t it?

I’ll take some pictures at A&P tomorrow, and see if they have any new trailers at their site. Just driving up is like seeing people’s presents under their Christmas trees. One thing is certain; tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.



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