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Airstream Safari Frame Done New Axle and topcoat of paint

Hard to believe, but the frame is complete on the Airstream Safari. I knew the day would come, but I really didn’t know when. We had to do some maneuvering – switching the disc brakes onto the 35-degree axle, and off the 22-degree, but I appreciate that kind of work because it comes in handy down the road … somewhere sometime.

After I put the old tires/rims back on the new axles I took a tour of all the trailers on the A&P Vintage lot, and of all the Airstream Trailers there, none, not a single one, had the same tire-rim combination. At this point, fretting over the tires and rims (rims more than tires) seems a bit frivolous. Tires yes. Rims whatever. It’s not like we have a polished trailer or anything to go with fancy rims, but yeah, folks notice those things.

I noticed some interesting square holes on the front of the step, and think that may be either an Airstream add-on, or an improvement. What’s the improvement, you say? Add another step made from square tubing and the step and bracket to hold the step. We’re going to need it now because the Airstream just jumped about eight inches (at least) in height. It will drop about three after the weight’s back on her, but we’re a long way from the sprung axle that came with it.

I will post a slideshow of wheels, so you can see just how many variations there are – in one single place.

Have a Ball?

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It’s getting down to brass tacks. I was looking for a 2-5/16″ trailer ball, and realized that I don’t even have one. Guess what? Wal-Mart doesn’t have them either. I headed out on the highway to Camping World, and they were closed. Maybe they took President’s Day off?

This wind has to let up before I pull Tilley out of the driveway though. We did have wind warnings here in North Texas today, but I think they are done tomorrow. I’ll find that trailer ball tomorrow as well.

Finishing up the button-up on the trailer today included pulling street side hub and checking the bearings, repacking them and putting it all back together again. Just another day for the Airstream grease monkey. There weren’t any metal pieces or shavings in the old grease, so I know all the noise coming from the hub must be brake rubs, rusted drums and shoes.

It’ll be interesting to see how the trailer sits on the Toyota, with a 500-pound tongue weight.



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