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Just About The Time

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Just about the time you think I’m gone … there’s a lot of things that got in the way of this endeavor …

Like a bout with cancer, and many, many more things that we can finally go into now that the season has me surfacing.

For now, you will want to see the latest and greatest things happening at A&P Vintage Trailer Works. I have constructed a new website for them, and also run their Facebook Page – for better or worse on that last one!

I have learned a lot about Airstreams through all this, and I have learned a lot about a lot of other things since last writing here! The lifelong profession of photography has waned, and other I am attempting to “wax” on other work to make up for the budgetary shortfalls (shall we say).

If you have questions about anything Airstream, contact me! I am showing two for sale right now on the AP Vintage Trailer Works site and I just linked them to the AP Vintage Facebook page as well.

Great Information at AP Vintage Trailer Works

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airstream repairs ap vintage trailer works information

I had a chance to sit down for an interview with Ann and Paul from AP Vintage Trailer Works yesterday, and go over some basic information you should have before you hand over your hard earned money for that Airstream dream you’ve been looking for all these months and years.

Ann and Paul go over some basic costs for general repairs they typically do AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; we created a checklist of things to look for when you pull the trigger on a new purchase of an old Airstream or vintage trailer for your dream machine. It’s a checklist I’ve never seen before, and one that will open your eyes to what you are looking at when you pull up to a shiny old trailer, and emotion begins to cloud good judgment.

As yo may know, I created the A&P Vintage Trailer Works website for Ann and Paul, and we have struck on a formula where I interview them to provide stories that inform Airstreamers about their own trailers, what to look for, what to avoid and common problems and solutions the Airstream repair world encounters on a daily basis. Call it the AP Reality Network Show if you want.

Getting Things Done – Many Things

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All my spare moments right now are going to continue the build of Ann & Paul’s new A&P Vintage Trailer Works website, and it is finally starting to look like a real website!

Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on in the fly fishing world. An article I was interviewed for last year finally ran in England. Amazing that we are so easily part of a story thousands of miles away, because of this right here. Anyway, it’s a story on the ramping up of fracking in England and the interview is an environmental piece in a fly fishing magazine.

You may recall that we picked up the pace on our Safari when we got busy working on the Barnett Shale, and chances are the Airstream would have been rolling (to well sites) long ago … if natural gas supplies hadn’t outrun demand in a serious way. And that’s where the Barnett sits – pretty much idled down.

If you get the chance, you can read more about fracking in England by visiting – “Water Wednesday – All Over the Map” at Texas Fly Caster.

Photography at A&P Vintage
Grabbed a reflection that caught my eye while I was working on photography at A&P for their website.

Read more..

Where Airstreams Go

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Vintage Airstream Trailer at A&P Vintage Trailer

We made the trip toward Paradise, Texas, this afternoon, and to A&P Vintage Trailer Works in Cottondale, Texas. Just like so much of Texas, it’s only 45 miles from Denton, but a world away.

Ann and Paul were fantastic hosts, opening many of the trailer’s doors so we could sneak a peak into our future.

It didn’t take long to feel the comfort of being able to relax and know I had finally found someone who knows, really knows, what they’re talking about when it comes to Airstreams. Whether it was understanding how to do certain repairs, or different materials available for restoration projects such as ours,  clarity has come more rapidly than ever before. And it didn’t take long to be in awe of the beautiful, and sometimes needy, collection of vintage Airstreams scattered about – mobile modules preparing for, and awaiting, their next destination, each an individual’s dream container.

I don’t consider myself anything near an expert when it comes to Airstreams. I may know an average amount about something that I have an above average interest in, but I dare you to try and stump Paul and Ann.

I was able to take a few photographs of the trailers once I got over the excitement of just being around so much shiny silver. I can’t wait to do some more detailed images of the inside and outside of some of these fantastic examples of Airstream Trailers. Unbelievable.

A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Vintage Airstream Trailers at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Airstream Repairs at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Classic Airstream Trailer at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Airstream Trailer at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Airstream Trailer at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Whale Tail Airstream Trailer at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Bambi Airstream at A&P Vintage Trailer Works

Lines Drawn in the Sand

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This is the year. Lines are drawn in the sand, and the Airstream will go this year. It will go well.

First, last week I contacted what is, to me, a new and refreshing resource. I tried to track down an expert I knew over in Weatherford, Texas, who was/is a complete guru on Airstreams. I didn’t have much to go on, so we all know where to go first – google.

From google search I deduced that the person I was looking for worked at a particular auto dealership in Weatherford (after all I purchased some obscure Airstream parts from him there years ago), and made the call. In typical Texas, small town fashion, I was helped through to someone who knew who I was looking for.

They were good enough to give me Paul’s number, and inform me that he was on his own and had a company that restores Airstream Trailers here in North Texas. I have been seeking knowledge on how to do the full monty on our Airstream for many, many months – and now I was getting excited to perhaps finally find someone who even knew what the “full monty” was.

Turns out Paul has a website – AP Vintage Trailer Works, Inc., and is based in Paradise, Texas. His phone number there is 817-919-3651, and in our conversation it sounded as if things are going quite well in Paradise.

He has a couple of trailers in line that will push his work to May before he can take in Tilley. As we talked, I made it pretty clear that the situation was more fluid than that, and that we would like him to come and take a look, and see if and how I could do the full monty right here on the spot.

As my wife’s work has begun to explode in popularity, see, and I am about to begin my first full year of guiding this spring, see, we need a mobile “base station” that will allow us to be all things (we want to be) to all people – so to speak.

Once the full monty operation is complete – that is we have the successful separation of the top and bottom (floor/chassis) separated, the list of things to do before rejoining the two is, in my estimation, forgivingly short.

It includes:

– New decking for floor

– New axle with brakes (from Southwest Wheel)

– Removing rusted crossbeams in back (where tail rot has occurred) and replacing with steel.

– Retrofitting back bumper for more efficient use

And each of these has so many subplots before it’s done, that it becomes a bit daunting.

However, the bright shining shop light may just be the newly discovered (by me anyway) folks in Paradise. It does have a ring doesn’t it? Paradise.

It’s Sunday, and the weather is sufficiently icky to make me not want to work outside, but the pressure mounts. A bad day of weather is going to have to be a good day of work that includes getting my Toyota Land Cruiser ready to sell. We now have a bona fide tow vehicle for the Airstream – a 2005 Toyota 4 Runner – Sport Towing with V8, so a two person three car household just doesn’t add up.

I will take some photos today, just to show everyone what’s going (and not going on) outside of Paradise, Texas.



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