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We’re still waiting around for the weather to warm enough to roll out the Marmoleum, but there are still holes as well …

We have three fan holes in the roof and the A/C hole that need to be plugged with proper appliances. I don’t know how many of you have been down the A/C road, but if anyone has an opinion on which brand is best, I sure would like to know about it. Maybe I can create a “quick poll” and throw it on the site. We’re going to have to ask about a refrigerator as well, and I’d just as soon tap into the knowledge of the masses, as to have and research and learn and make an unsubstantiated decision.

Another thing I wonder about the whole A/C thing is: I am seeing these heater add-ons for A/C’s and wondering if that is something that works or is worth it?

Meanwhile, I am looking for other cool Airstream websites – cool content and cool looking, and built on a wordpress platform, so if you see any, please send me the links.



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