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Remodeling an Airstream? Try Pinterest for Inspiration

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The Airstream Nation is composed of some interesting demographics, but to own an Airstream is to, almost by default, have a deeper understanding of design function and form.

In the interest of visual image gathering (I never read National Geographic. I obviously only looked at the pictures), and the rebuild of our Airstream, I dove into one of the newer communities on the internet – Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual aggregation of images that, when done successfully, gathers the images into organizational boards for yourself and others who may be interested in the same categories of pinned images.

Pinterest is a very simple site at this time, and when I first started on it, could even get bogged down with activity as usage outgrew the site’s ability to handle it. Someday, another Google IPO? Who knows?

My Airstream Pinterest is pretty thin, as are all my boards, but I would rather not dive in the deep end of this – to avoid the obvious burnout I have with Facebook. Social networking is actually net – “WORK” – ing when you have as many business and recreational activities as I do. Of course, you and your business could benefit from adding this to your social networking ingredients, but that’s another topic for another business – of mine.

These are the early days of Pinterest, and a great time to get on board, open a free account, and start pinning your ideas for yourself and others to benefit from.

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