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How Much Does it Cost to Polish Your Airstream

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Dear Wally,

I consider polishing my Airstream to be a final step, definitely optional, and possibly impossible.

I know it takes a lot of elbow grease to do it yourself, but recently I priced it locally in Dallas – Fort Worth at 175.usd  a linear foot which is 75. more than when I first started on my Airstream Safari ’23. The measurement runs bumper to tip of the tongue (add 4′). Wow!

I still have a sampler set of the Nuvite polishing compound from Vintage Trailer Supply and they to sell the Cyclo Polisher for about 279.usd. Yes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg … add a DeWalt variable speed grinder, miscellaneous deplete-able items … add all this up and you could come in for less than a grand. Now, what’s your time worth? Keep in mind, you can resell the Cyclo and variable speed grinder after you are all done!

I had heard the Airstream aluminum continues to oxidize after being polished and as to be polished again, but apparently normal waxing with car wax delays that problem. Who wants to wax the Airstream for me?

The end of this part of the restoration ultimately means thousands on a new carport, or storage unit fees – to protect that mirror finish.

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