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All my spare moments right now are going to continue the build of Ann & Paul’s new A&P Vintage Trailer Works website, and it is finally starting to look like a real website!

Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on in the fly fishing world. An article I was interviewed for last year finally ran in England. Amazing that we are so easily part of a story thousands of miles away, because of this right here. Anyway, it’s a story on the ramping up of fracking in England and the interview is an environmental piece in a fly fishing magazine.

You may recall that we picked up the pace on our Safari when we got busy working on the Barnett Shale, and chances are the Airstream would have been rolling (to well sites) long ago … if natural gas supplies hadn’t outrun demand in a serious way. And that’s where the Barnett sits – pretty much idled down.

If you get the chance, you can read more about fracking in England by visiting – “Water Wednesday – All Over the Map” at Texas Fly Caster.

Photography at A&P Vintage
Grabbed a reflection that caught my eye while I was working on photography at A&P for their website.

Last time I was out working on the Safari, Paul took a look at all the riffraff around the back end of the trailer – a gap in the decking, and you know the rest … and rendered his verdict. We’re going to have to go back in and amputate that piece of decking, and lay in a new piece. Easier said than done, but then that’s the way it goes with a fifty year build-back.

Problems there stem from the fact there was absolutely no decking to draw our template for that back piece of decking from. So if you are doing a redeck on your Airstream, and there’s nothing there – BE SURE TO ERR ON THE SIDE OF BIGGER AND NOT A TRUE FIT. You can always take away wood, but you certainly can’t add in this situation.

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