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Finally Hot Enough

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Well, it’s finally hot enough to get back to work on our Airstream out at A&P Vintage Trailer Works. I don’t even want to look and see how long it has been since I last posted here, but those of you who were excited about the site, and it’s content, TAKE HEART!

I am about to implement some major changes at another site that occupies my time, that should start to either, a) curtail interest, or b) generate income – either of which could possibly free me up to pursue the Airstream life a little more intensely.

Speaking of websites, Ann and Paul’s is doing well, and Paul and Ann are bringing it up to speed.


Paul replaced the back deck that was cut in error on the tail, and left us scratching our heads. NOTE – If your tail deck is rotted out, and you have to create a new plywood deck for the back CUT IT TOO LARGE! If it doesn’t fit, cut it down. What we had was too small, and that is a death sentence for that piece – that was sikalflexed – bolted – epoxied – painted with epoxy around the edges … imagine all that work lost. Thanks to Paul for coming to the rescue though.

Now we are waiting for the Marmoleum fixer to get in and fix the bubbles in the sheet of MarMo on our floor. No telling how much time has passed since that debacle, but once that is done, progress will come fast and furious.

I expect to be mobile by this fall at the absolute latest, and then who knows where?

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