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Feel The Heat. Feel the Heat?

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Time to head back out to A&P Vintage today, and can hardly wait to start cutting and grinding on the frame. Can you sense the excitement?

Really, the decking is all off the frame, and as bad as it looks, we know we are at the bottom, scraping along the bottom of the curve, before we begin the upswing. We found a petrified mouse and mouse trails all through the fiberglass insulation between the floor deck and belly pan. Talk about a resort for rodents, that space between is custom made for their living needs. SO, one goal in the build-back is to seal them out because we have lots of rats right here in town, in Denton, Texas. Apparently our variety is the Russian roof rat, and they are quite stealthy.

The “flipping book” plug in for wordpress no longer works, so images of the Full Monty are waiting until I can find a way to show them without being a huge photo post. Stand by.

Out at A&P Vintage, today will be a cutting torch and grinder day until the heat closes me out early. I have to save something for two days of fly fishing guide service on Lake Ray Roberts – Saturday and Sunday. Nice. Save energy to fish … there’s an irony there, but I just don’t see it yet.

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