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Dear Wally

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Welcome to the Airstream Diary. The first thing you may say is, what now? Why does the world need another Airstream web site, and why should I keep reading this?

Well, what makes the Airstream Diary unique is it really is a 1970 Safari 23’s diary – not ours. It is an attempt to compress the information you may have been looking for into one easy to read, youthful and entertaining experience. The Airstream Diary will rely on video, podcasts and photography to bring that information to Airstreamers in a technologically sophisticated, yet easily understandable way.

Most important, the Airstream Diary asks pertinent questions that seek your answers, and occasionally comes up with a few answers of its own. Some of the questions will already have been answered, and if you have been looking for answers, perhaps you will find them here, perhaps you will ask them here as well.

These first few months will show changes to The Airstream Diary on an ongoing basis. Such is the power of a wordpress site. There’s nothing quite like being able to pimp a website while pimping an Airstream Trailer at the same time!

Enjoy the ride. Make suggestions, and please feel free to register and comment on the blog or message boards.

Wally, we love you wherever you are.

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