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Another Day at the Airstream

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Images from another workday at A&P Vintage Trailer Works.

Freshwater Tank Fried

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Turns out the fittings on our freshwater tank were “worked on” by some previous owner. I suspected that when I took a close look, but hoped … against hope.

Now, we will be adding a new freshwater tank to go with (not literally) the grey and black tanks. If you think about it, these fluids can be a great weakness in an Airstream trailer rebuild, so why not start with new AND IMPROVED tanks?

We were marveling at all the “New and Improved” improvements that we are actually privy to – with the passing of such a great amount of time since first purchasing the Airstream. And we also thought about all the ideas we had based on our working from the trailer – on the Barnett Shale – work that has pretty much dried up and blown away. Funny, that oil business … black gold … Texas tea. Had that revenue stream kept up with us, the trailer would be long finished and on the road. Airstreams certainly are not for the financially shy.

We’re still waiting on the Marmoleum Dude, and I am getting a lot of fly fishing in between photo shoots. Add it all up, and it’s the BUSY season for sure. The best weather is the best for so many things. We already know we’ll be sweating it out during the hottest months — working on the Airstream. That’s just how it goes.




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