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Yamaha Generator & Decking

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We had to hustle yesterday at A&P to get about half of the decking bolted down on the Airstream. I will detail that process – and include some photographs – next time. We went home the night before expecting a dry twelve hours, but instead were treated to an unusual soupy fog that coated everything with a mist of water – the frame, the plywood, hardware – everything. We had to do some drying out before we started bolting down. Come to find out, the calk we are using between the deck and frame (and in every other nook and cranny) sets with moisture (BSF Sonolastic NP1). The decking is half done, but it’s plain to see where my rebuilding of the frame went a little caddywompus – we are having to do some post welding “tweaking” of the deck to get to a near flat dance floor.

The elevator bolts are countersunk so we can fill the cup in the plywood with leveling stuff (not there yet). We tried some self locking nuts, and neither those nor nylon lockers would go on without spinning the heads of those big-headed bolts. So we retreated to flat washer / lock washer / standard 5/16″ nut. What we are (with proper guidance)doing with materials and the nuts and bolts of it is so far beyond what Airstream does …

Paul Mayeux at A&P Vintage Trailer is looking to sell a new Yamaha Generator, which I can’t pull off even at his bargain price right now. Contact him at A&P Vintage Trailer Works - (817) 919-3651.

Airstream Safari Tail Lights

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Airstream Safari

Dear Wally ,

I am thinking about replacing my tail lights on my 1970 Airstream Safari. They are showing some rust stains, the lenses are brittle and hazy, and since the Safari is a “rebuild” and not a “restore”, I could use just about any setup I want. So, where do I find what I need to either a) fix these, or b) put some of those fantastic new LED units in where these were?



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