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New Decking for Airstream Going Down – Retro Modern Design Going Up

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Remember to create your templates for the curved front and back of your Airstream deck when replacing decking! I am the metal guy, and Leslie is the wood chick (borrowed from my Aunt Pattie). Yesterday, we started working on the decking, cutting and painting the edges (my requirement), and this morning we are talking “design” already. Anything to avoid the TV on this Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s how we’re defining our version of a RETRO MODERN AIRSTREAM interior:

  • Floor – warm golden wheat color – Marmoleum
  • Galley Wall – raw polished aluminum backsplashed
  • Dinette Cushions – textured charcoal fabric
  • Zolatone walls – creme with grey fleck (many to choose from)
  • Room Dividers – Originals stained black satin finish | Or new with circles drilled out
  • Other Cabinets  - light ash ’60′s oak look
  • Galley Counter top / Dinette Top – Boomerang Formica | Grey-White or White-Grey
  • Curtains – Prefer mini blinds to fit curves
  • Accent Colors Throughout – Yellow-green, Aqua and Brick Red

My role is obviously still “heavy metal,” and painting, with the major crisis of the week being – get the wheel wells replaced because of a design flaw that I never noticed, but Paul had to work through in another trailer which I had a set of wells made for – for him. It’s bad. Once the wells are replaced, the remaining deck goes down (over the wheel well flanges), and the fuselage goes over and on. Amazing.

Note – Work got in the way for a couple of months, as did the holiday season and winter cold requirement. How I wish I had the Airstream on the last frack job I was on, and thought about it every day I was out in a SOB (Some Other Brand) trailer on the Barnett Shale! I will put together a photo gallery tonight to show the Airstream decking, the templates, the new stove and the water tank testing.



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