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Airstream Frame Rebuilding

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Airstream Trailer Frame Rebuilding at A&P Vintage Trailer

Touching up the primer on the Airstream frame, and a few more welds. When it comes to rebuilding the frame, it can be easy to forget parts (like the strips that run along the bottom of the outriggers (front to back @ 6-inches from frame edge-to-ege) and photographs are helpful reference. It’s also helpful to NOT dump the removed / discarded pieces until completely done.

There’s a uniquely angled piece of angle iron that secures the bottom of the back wall to the frame that Paul had to have special bent, and the long pieces of steel I was referring to earlier are also a unique thickness. Those long front to back pieces on the bottom of the outriggers are critical – it’s where the skins get riveted back under the curve!

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