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Airstream Eyelids – Who Knew Airstreams Have Eyes?

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Installing skins and interior trim on the 1970 Airstream Safari.

airstream aluminum buck rivets being drilled

We made the trip to A&P today, and although it wasn’t a full day, Leslie did get squared up with where the interior “eyelids” are riveted though the body exterior, through the plastic eyelid trim pieces in the interior. In typical Airstream fashion, nothing was typical about the original install. Some of the six rivets (3 top 3 bottom each side) are aluminum buck rivets, and others are olympic rivets. We will be going back in with olympics. Removal of each type of rivet is a distinctly different process.


Airstream 12 Volt RUNNING LIGHTS

Well, since I was floating the ground from light-to-light for the running lights, I had to pick a spot and ground to the trailer so that the single wire exterior running lights (grounded only by the socket’s contact with the body) can work. That will also take care of the light above the door. All of this would probably be fine with the final big grounding at the power center, but I just had to make them work before I started closing up the inside skins.


We have a donated hot water heater – gas of course, and with tank. I was moving it around, and realized it had water in it, so I drained it. Whether it makes a difference, there was a good amount of mineral deposits that drained out as well.


Our fridge runs on electric and gas. The old fridge ran the same way. Venting is pretty critical. I was recalling that the trailer had a permanent open rectangular hole in the floor where air could pass from outside up to the fridge, and then pass through the big curved wall vent. We’re talking A LOT of circulation! What I don’t know is; do the new refrigerators need the same amount of venting?


It is certainly a warm fuzzy feeling to see the skins on the verge of going back on – after we get all the trim done, and electrical … and and and. No matter what, this IS the build-back. No more rebuild, no more demolition.

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