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The AD, or Airstream Diary is one of several WordPress sites I either contribute to, or have created for work and friends hobbies and projects. I build WordPress websites for profit – hit for that information. HOWEVER, what I am and who I am is a professional photographer for some thirty years now (2017). And as of this writing in 2017, a lot of time has gone by and a lot has happened on a personal level since this site started way back in 2010.

My sites include a very popular site related to fly fishing as well. It’s called Texas Fly Caster, and if I come up short here, it’s because of the inherent responsibilities I have to my Texas Fly Caster readers and their need for fresh information about fly fishing, products, entertainment and “culture on the skids.” Another site that is picking up a following is one designed for a new event in Denton, Texas, called First Friday. First Friday is a monthly event in Denton that offers patrons and customers an opportunity to see artists at work in their studios in Denton on the first Friday of every month. And finally, there is a site for my newly retired wife’s growing business – Cimarrona. Cimarrona is a company she created with the first hugely successful products being unique winter hats made from recycled wool and fleece. One of the reasons we are rebuilding the Safari is to take her business on the road.

A huge part of why the Airstream Diary exists is because of my frustration with the lack of easy to find information about major repairs that a forty-year-old trailer can typically need. I have found information here and there, but most of it is old, with slanted opinions, a lack of different perspectives, and virtually none of it takes advantage of the current technology now easily integrated into web sites like this one. And, sometimes you have to remind yourself; when this Airstream Safari was built, you couldn’t just run down to Home Depot and pick up some Velcro! You can expect a large quantity of photography and an occasional video from time-to-time. There will also be plenty of questions waiting to be answered.



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