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1970 Safari 23

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We purchased our Airstream Safari 23 in 2006, and it was pretty much all original when we backed it into the driveway.

Then, we started digging around in it, and as happens to someone who doesn’t know enough – we discovered problems … deep rooted problems. We thought we would just peal up the linoleum, get back to the back and fix the tail rot and be done with her, but one thing lead to another, and one problem had, over the years, created another. The list grew so large so fast that the need for a full rebuild – ground up, full monty, became plainly clear.

If you don’t know what a “full monty” is, check out an upcoming post on an Airstream Full Monty.

As time went on, the depth and width of the work, the multi-technical aspects, and the downward spiral of my business, the economy and a new addiction to fly fishing … work on the Safari ground to a halt.

Now, as LK retires … um, rewires, and prepares for a new adventure, and as my photography business continues to take it on the chin, I look at the Airstream as the last great escape vehicle. It’s time. Airstreams, as you know, have a heaping helping of mystique, glamour and dreams all wrapped inside their silver skins. I imagine the Safari as a home base for extended fly fishing adventures, photography and stories for publications and Texas Fly Caster.

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